LND Boss’s Mighty Tater @GSR

WTCH Daugherty’s Boss AFTD-Xcsm AFTDd RTDcs DNA-VP

GSR Small But Mighty Mia DNA-VP


CKC / ASCA Registration
Red tri Рtested double cryptic merle 
PPG Genotype M201/M212
DOB: April 15, 2020
Height 17″
Weight 29#

Health Testing

OFA Results
Full Dentition

Pawprint Genetics Panel – clear


x Rubin – 2022

Tater is a nice little female we got from Sarah Martin at GSR in 2021. She proved to be a very mighty little cowdog, she has a natural low heel bite and holds head pressure well, gripping when needed. She is very “feely” on her stock, and has a good sense of group, which is regulary tested by freegrazing my herd of goats in all sorts of terrain.¬†

Tater is very friendly with people, and really loves children. Although she has very high food and toy drive, I haven’t done any rally or obedience training with her yet.

She was bred to Rubin for her first litter, The ‘Tatertots’, born in September 2022. The litter was all red with 5F/1M. I was very happy with the overall quality of the pups conformationally and it was probably the most outgoing and cuddly litter we’ve ever had here. Half of the pups went to repeat Superfly homes! The tatertots will be training up to compete in Herding, Agility, Musical Freestyle and disc.

I decided to test Tater for the genetic and colour panels along with her DNA verification, and was very shocked to find out she is a double merle! Her dam was a normal presenting red merle, and her sire a red tri. Her sire Boss has since been tested and is a heterozygous cryptic merle.

Trialing History